1 : Our Coffee Machine

La Marzocco Strada MP, “the most advanced machine featuring traditional La Marzocco technology.” Nothing but the best for our customers, the La Marzocco Strada allows for full control over the brewing temperature as well as pressure and manual profiling to create that perfect cup of brew.

2 : Our Coffee

At Juju Coffee, we use the Carmelo blend of beans from Allpress. One of their most popular blends, the Carmelo is lively and full bodied with distinct caramel flavours. It is a medium roast consisting of beans of Colombia, Sumatra, Brazil and Guatemala origins.

3 : Our Cold Brew

Carefully steeped over 12 hours using seasonal single origin beans, our cold brew have won many accolades for flavour and body. For that perfect balance in a cup, look no further than our signature cold brews.

4 : Our Coffee Pearls

Not your regular tapioca pearls from a bubble tea shop, our coffee pearls are made from pure cold brew utilising molecular gastronomy. Be sure to request for it the next time you visit.

5 : Is this Joo Bar or Juju Coffee?

Juju Coffee occupies the same space as Joo Bar during the day. By night, we transition into Joo Bar, Singapore’s first home brewed makgeolli bar!

6 : The food we serve

Juju coffee’s all day menu includes an eclectic mix of east meets west where we take pride in serving up favourites from various parts of Asia. From Thai Fish & Chips to DIY Bibimbap, the food is guaranteed to wet your appetite.